Ahead of Earth Day, Lidl Introduces New Product Logo That Calls Attention To Water Overusage With Tips On How To Save

04/07/2021 | Arlington, Virginia

Save Water

Save Water Logo

April is Water Conservation Month and when we recognize Earth Day. To help mark both, Lidl is introducing a new product logo that calls attention to global water overuse, and encourages shoppers to consider ways to use less water during daily activities at home.  The Earth Day initiative introduces a new ‘Save Water’ product logo onto the back of select Lidl products like toothpaste and soap, which require more water when using. 

In addition to visually calling attention to the water usage on the product packaging itself, the ‘Save Water’ logo will also direct customers to a  landing page, which includes tips and information about conserving water, including how Lidl is supporting this effort globally.

“We are excited to launch the Save Water campaign in our stores in honor of Water Conservation Month, as well as Earth Day,” said Stefan Schwarz, Executive Vice President of Purchasing at Lidl US.  “We hope through the introduction of the Save Water logo on our products, we can work together with our customers to conserve this critical resource we all depend on daily.”


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