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Good for Our Planet

A better tomorrow – for a planet with a future

Our business relies on the environment being intact. A healthy environment helps to ensure the long-term quality and availability of our products. At the same time, we also know that merchandise has an impact on the planet – from the extraction of raw materials and their processing into products to the consumption and disposal of the finished goods.

That’s where our responsibility comes in: We will do more things that are good for our planet. Our efforts to make choices that are good for our environment help ensure we offer our customers an attractive product assortment every day. 

“Throughout Lidl’s value chain, we aim to mitigate environmental impacts and promote the responsible use of our planet’s resources. This approach begins with the responsible cultivation of raw materials used in our products and extends to our stores, where we work to reduce operational impacts, including energy and water consumption and waste generation. All of these actions are key to supporting our company’s mission.” – Marco Landolt, Executive Vice President, Central Services & Real Estate