Respecting Biodiversity

Lidl for a better tomorrow – respecting biodiversity

Over the past century the world’s ecosystems have faced rapid changes, including the loss of key species needed to sustain healthy ecosystems. When biodiversity is endangered, it also affects the availability and quality of our products. One of the main drivers for biodiversity loss is current agricultural practices. Lidl US understands the urgency to engage with stakeholders across our value chain to mitigate these negative impacts. 

To support the protection of ecosystems, Lidl US’ strategy is focused on targeting the company’s largest impacts and implementing measures to reduce biodiversity-related risks. This approach is centered around engaging with suppliers to promote and raise awareness around biodiversity.

Reducing Pesticides Usage

As part of Lidl US’ biodiversity strategy, the company aims to remove strategic substances (pesticides) from produce suppliers. To support this commitment, Lidl US tests all produce items to confirm removed pesticides were not used on the products. We also engage with the company’s imported herb suppliers to raise awareness about pesticides and improve the quality of their products. Lidl US plans to continue to engage with suppliers to collect information on existing pest management processes and alternatives to further promote the protection of ecosystems.

Multiple Organic Options

To support biodiversity, Lidl US aims to offer our customers certified organic articles in the company’s produce assortment. As of fiscal year-end 2022, nearly 15% of Lidl US’ produce assortment was comprised of organic products.