Good for You

A better tomorrow – for a more sustainable and healthier product assortment

For Lidl, taking responsibility means supporting you, our customer, on your path towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. This is why we design our assortment so that it is good for you.

With our growing selection of high-quality and more sustainable products, we make it possible for you to make more conscious purchasing decisions. We also rely on transparent and credible certifications as well as product labeling to guide you when shopping.

“Lidl’s mission is built on the idea that through simple and sustainable actions we can provide customers with affordable and nutritious food. This not only means selling products that support healthy living, but also providing our customers with traceable product assortments and regional and seasonal options that support the reduction of environmental impacts.” - Stefan Schwarz, Executive Vice President, Purchasing

We place our focus on this topic


Responsible Products

Each day, Lidl US works to provide product assortments that not only promote conscious consumption and healthy diets, but are also recognized by some of the world’s most credible certification organizations.